Cairnway Knowledge Services strives to align people, processes, and digital products to enable sustainable and strategic business operations.

We are different from our competitors because we will never try to sell you a product — the experts at Cairnway.co care most of all about helping you find a path forward that best utilizes your existing resources to meet your business needs.

Improving content findability and reusability is our passion at Cairnway.

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Camille Mathieu consults for Cairnway Knowledge Services. She also works as the Knowledge Manager at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. Camille holds a Master's degree in Library and Information Science from UCLA's Department of Information Studies. 

Tell Majstorich is a contractor for Cairnway Knowledge Services. She has a career of demonstrated success working in the consumer goods industry, and significant database administration experience. Tell recently graduated with a Master of Science degree in Informatics from the San Jose State iSchool.